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Our Difference

For the past 30 years, Vic Martens Millwork’s philosophy, vision and expertise has resulted in hundreds of satisfied clients in the Okanagan and throughout BC and Alberta. VMM works with you the entire process to give you a product that we can all be truly proud of.

Our designs are original, hand-crafted and truly custom. We create fine cabinetry according to your specifications. Every piece is made-to-order, right down to the finishing touches. We believe the process is just as important as the product we provide, which results in a superior customer experience.

At Vic Martens Millwork, we understand that creating custom cabinetry can seem overwhelming at times for our clients. With so many options available, it may be hard to choose the perfect details for your needs. To help you conceptualize your ideal custom kitchen, ensuite, bedroom, or home office, we will guide you through the process. As well as kitchens, we can create custom furniture and designs for every room of your home.  Whether you plan to build a new home or renovate your existing one, Vic Martens Millwork will help you design a stylish, functional interior you can truly be proud of and celebrate for years to come.


Vic Martens Millwork’s superior construction and craftsmanship is a testament to our dedication and passion for our millwork. Each custom designed and created kitchen, bathroom, or office begins as a vision – your vision. Our job is to make it your reality. The possibilities are endless. Do you want an innovative design? Or a new twist on an old favorite? Perhaps you need something that fits into an existing interior design scheme? Whatever you envision, Vic Martens Millwork will bring it to life. Our designers and craftsmen will be there from concept to installation.

For over 30 years, we have placed the needs of our clients first. We are committed to producing truly custom products that you will absolutely love.

Why We Are Unique

The key difference that sets us apart is our thought process. Every team member has the mindset of “if it’s worth doing it’s worth doing right”. The project is thought through from the planning stages to completion. This eliminates the need to correct mistakes and results in a finished product that shows and works like it should, a well-planned, well-functioning creation you can be proud of.

The Vic Martens Experience

There are many ways of doing things, but when compromise is common practice it will show in the finished product. The finer (masterful) details of the cabinet making trade can be appreciated in many areas.  For example:

  • Continuous grain match from piece to piece whether it be crown moulding, a mitre fold on a cabinet or a finished end panel.
  • The joinery (cut and finish) is precise showing the difference between the master and the less experienced craftsman.
  • Less experienced and/or less conscientious wood shops often leave machining marks and sanding scratches visible to a discerning eye.

Each of Vic Martens Millwork’s hand-picked craftsmen are artistic as well as skilled. We feel the benchwork and joinery trade has lost some of the artist’s touch with the implementation of high tech equipment. Even today’s journeymen are often more trained on a piece of machinery than in the skills necessary to create a fine piece of cabinetry. We ourselves do use and believe there is a need and a place for computerized machinery. However, we also passionately believe that working with our hands breaths energy and life into the creation.

What sets Vic Martens Millwork apart? We pride ourselves on being truly custom with the highest of standards, meticulous attention to detail and an artisan’s pride in our craft. To that end, we prefer to work with clients who also appreciate the value of superior craftsmanship knowing that their investment will provide years of enjoyment.