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Meticulous Installation

The key to a successful and smooth installation is pre-planning.  Each of Vic Martens Millwork’s projects are carefully planned out before they leave our wood shop. This is the first stepping stone for a seamless installation. The installation process is always considered while designing and creating the project, at the same time ensuring the creative vision is met.  Owing to the considerable forethought put into each project, Vic Martens Millwork’s installations run smoothly while maintaining the integrity of the finished product. The Joinery (cut and finish) is as important during the install stage as the building stage and therefore the installation is performed by the same qualified Joiners that created the project. Consideration and thought is also put into the work performed by other trades prior to and after our installation. This forethought minimizes costly changes and makes for a smoother run and better finished project. Vic Martens Millwork’s Joiners are courteous, conscientious and efficient. The result? An enjoyable, stress free experience for you as your cabinetry becomes a natural enhancement to your home.