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About Vic

My Grandfather was an authentic cabinet maker. He was a pioneer in the logging and lumber industry, moving from eastern Canada to British Columbia over 60 years ago. He started a family run logging and sawmill company, building it from the ground up to one of the largest, most innovative sawmill companies today. During this time he was the local cabinet maker as well, making everything from kitchen cabinets and furniture to caskets. It was a great pleasure to talk shop with my Grandfather and learn some of the old “tricks of the trade” from a master. My father spent most of his working life in the family owned lumbering business but his real interest was always in the finer woodworking. Once retiring from the family business he pursued home building and now, as a hobby, works out of the same woodworking shop that my Grandfather built and used. My father always encouraged me to get into the woodworking trade. He said I was a natural at it. I guess I had it in my blood. I remember at an early age spending hours pounding nails into the old wooden basement steps for practice and then winning nailing contests at the local fair.

My main interests in high school were woodworking class and mathematics. I completed high school with high marks in both of these areas. I first worked in construction until I secured a job in a millwork shop that sponsored me for my apprenticeship in Bench work and Joinery. Always wanting to succeed in my dreams I completed my apprenticeship with top marks in my class and took over the millwork company. Now, over 30 years later, I have a great team of like-minded journeymen and apprentices working with me to continue producing cutting edge, truly custom projects for clients who appreciate the value of fine cabinetry.