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Planning + Design

The best outcome or creation occurs when our team is given the space to allow creative juices to flow. We can design for you or we can work with your designer. Either way, it is our preference to work together, gathering information to determine what you like or what function you want your cabinetry to perform. Inspiration can come from conceptual ideas provided to us through pictures, your style preferences or a particular vision you have.

The planning/design stage begins with accessing your wants and needs, along with determining the level of involvement you desire. Whether you want to have minimal involvement or want to be involved from beginning to completion, rest assured that Vic Martens Millwork’s 30 plus years experience in design/build will result in a final product with substance and charisma. Our many unique, functioning show pieces speak to the individuality of each client rather than an imparted view of the designer.

To succeed in well designed and well functioning cabinetry a good designer either works with a great craftsman to create their vision or a great craftsman is also a great designer.

Vic Martens Millwork works with their clients in several ways:

Scenario One – You come to us with limited information.

  • Vic Martens Millwork will have a consultation meeting with you to discuss the vision and scope of your project.
  • We will come back to you with an overview of the process for moving forward.
  • Once working together, we will quickly get a feel for your likes and dislikes in fashion and design, function and form. These will be the building blocks and the influence through the designing stages of creating your masterpiece. We will review any information you have gathered (i.e. pictures, samples, thoughts you may have, ideas you may have seen that you like or dislike).

Scenario Two – You provide Vic Martens Millwork with your own designer/architect and/or cabinetry plans.

  • Vic Martens Millwork will have a consultation meeting with you and/or your designer to discuss the scope of your project.
  • We will follow up with an outlined plan of the process for moving forward.
  • Vic Martens Millwork will work with your designer/architect at whatever level you choose. We can offer minimal input and just create what you have already decided on or we can share our knowledge and experience of 30 plus years of designing and building cabinetry. The choice is entirely yours.